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Let’s Get It On: 3 Cannabis Strains for Great Sex

The benefits of cannabis are no secret, sometimes  including relaxation, calming anxiety, energy, and yes, arousal. We talk a lot about how marijuana can enhance our quality of life in regards to medical

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Recreational Marijuana in Nevada

2016 was an intense year that saw a lot of marijuana reform including the passing of Question 2 in Nevada. This means that recreational marijuana, or adult use marijuana, is acceptable in the state. But

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Becoming One Of Las Vegas’ Top Cannabis Dispensaries

After a stunning launch event on November 11, Jardin Premium Cannabis Dispensary is listed as one of the top cannabis dispensaries in Las Vegas according to Leafy Lists. This is no small feat! It is easy

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420: Why Is It Significant To The Cannabis Community?

The number 420 has had significance in the cannabis movement for decades. It’s traditionally used as an easy meetup time for a smoke session among friends – either 4:20 in the morning or the afternoon.

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Top 5 Party Strains for Las Vegas Nights

Whether gambling, exploring the Strip, or dancing the night away at one of Las Vegas’ hundreds of nightclubs, you’ll need a great party strain. As far as specifics go, you will definitely want a lively,

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710: All About Cannabis Oil’s Holiday

July 10th, or 710, is now universally celebrated anywhere in the world where cannabis extracts exist. The number “710” has been used as a secret slang for cannabis oil for years, since when you flip

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What Does DEA Cannabis Rescheduling Mean?

With mounting pressure for DEA cannabis rescheduling, and drug enforcement in general, there’s often talk of marijuana being “rescheduled,” or dropped to one of the less strict categories under the

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